Three online books by Peter Hoover

The Secret of the Strength
What Would the Anabaptists Tell This Generation?

"The secret of the Kingdom of God has been given to you," Jesus told his followers-and a few fishermen, a tax collector, and a motley crowd of Jerusalem "believers" set out to change the world. They succeeded-as did the Anabaptists preaching in cities by night, on back streets, and in the wood corners of sixteenth century Europe. But does anyone remember that secret today? Is it reading the Bible? No, these people were far more than dry biblicists. Is it a return to the apostles' way? No, they were far more than keepers of tradition. The secret of the Kingdom of God is stunningly simple. With two words Jesus revealed it to his friends who-upon comprehending it-came to a sudden knowledge of the will of God, of the whole Bible, and of the right way to live. Reading this book you may find and comprehend it too.

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 The Secret of the Strength

"The Secret of the Strength" has been translated and edited for a German readership. If you have friends who only read German please inform them that the book is available in their language. In German the book has the title "Feuertaufe für die Freiheit". It can be ordered via the Internet: Down to Earth

"The Secret of the Strength" has been translated for a Spanish readership and a free PDF is available online here.


Behold the Lamb!
The Story of the Moravian Church

If you have heard of Moravians-persecuted Christians that fled to Germany in the early 1700s-you most likely know of their prayer meeting that lasted one hundred years, their missions to Greenland, to the native Americans, to Suriname, the Virgin Islands, or India's Malabar Coast. But quite likely you heard less, or nothing, of the story behind those wonders of faith and perseverance. Through everything the Moravians accomplished around the world shines an infinitely greater wonder-that of the Lamb of God for sinners slain. Perhaps, through reading this book, you may catch glimpses of that "greater wonder" and find yourself inspired to live and do like they did in our time.

New web page: Behold The Lamb! (The Story of the Moravian Church)
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The Russians' Secret
What Christians Today Would Survive Persecution?

Martyrdom, in early Christian times, already appealed to believers intent on doing great things for Christ. The early Christians venerated martyrs, the dates of whose executions grew into a calendar of saints. But martyr's halos do not come in the mail. Real martyrs do not even wear them-they only carry crosses. And most people, even Christians, quickly discredit and forget them. Real martyrs suffer persecution, not like "great heroes of the faith" but like eccentrics and fools. Ordinary people consider them fanatics. Does that disappoint or alarm you? Do not worry. Reading this book about Russia's "underground" believers will assure you that if you are a typical Western Christian you will never face persecution. You will never have to be a real martyr for Christ. Only if you are not typical-if you choose to be a "weed that floats upstream"-you may want to know the secret by which Russia's Christians survived and flourished through a thousand difficult years.

Another online copy of this book is available here: Molokans Around the World

My hope is that the publication of these books on the Internet (beginning in 1998) will encourage you to follow Christ in all you do. Please let me know what you think of these books and if they have been helpful. Other comments or suggestions are also welcomed. (Contact information is at the bottom of this page) Thank you!

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Two books by David W. Bercot

Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up

A fascinating overview of the early Christians (A.D. 90 - 299): Who they were. How they lived. What they believed. And how the Christianity of that era was lost.

Penned in a free-flowing readable style, combined with sound scholarship, this eye-opening book challenges Christians today to return to the simple holiness, unfailing love, and patient cross-bearing of the early Christians.

Includes a challenging comparison between the early Christians and today's evangelicals.

The Kingdom That Turned the World Upside Down

If someone were to ask you what was the theme of Jesus' preaching, what would be your answer? Man's need for salvation? God's love for mankind? The new birth?

To be sure, Jesus spoke about all of those things. And they're all essential truths. But none of them were the theme of His teaching. The theme of Jesus' message was the kingdom of God.

In The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down, David Bercot takes the reader back to Jesus' teachings of the kingdom-teachings that have too often been forgotten. Bercot describes the radically new laws of the kingdom and its upside-down values. There's no room in Christ's kingdom for superficial Christianity, for this is a kingdom that has historically turned the world upside down.

The Kingdom that Turned the World Upside Down will challenge you to the core in your Christian walk.

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