Personal Interests

The example of those who went before us

New! Visit the book page for three complete online books (by Peter Hoover) as well as information on two other books (by David W. Bercot) that are highly recommended.

The Anabaptists of the Reformation:

Some Anabaptist-related web sites: Mennonite Anabaptists, the Anabaptist Church, Anabaptist Faith

Other topics of interest

New! Hutterite Christian Communities

Elmendorf Christian Community (part of my spiritual family where I lived for seven months in 2003).

Tasmania: Rocky Cape Christian Community has lots of good material on their web page!

Friends in France: Courtiron Anabaptists and Books Worth Reading

Home Churches: Home Church Dot Org
A nice introduction: Rethinking the Wineskin
The Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar by Institute in Basic Life Principles

Dating vs. Courtship vs. Betrothal: The Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar contains some teaching about the negative aspects of the relatively new practice of dating in our culture. Check out the teaching of Jonathan Lindvall on betrothal (Bold Christian Living Home Page). Also, see this nice page (magazine and discussion list) for young women: Young Women Stepping Heavenward

Children are a blessing:
QUIVER-FULL! Home Page I highly recommend the book To Train Up a Child by Michael & Debi Pearl. Contact me (see bottom of page) if you would like a copy.

Favorite sermons: The Power of Prayer by Keith Daniel, also TSC Pulpit Series

Favorite hymns: Elisha A. Hoffman

Among conservative Anabaptists the topic of how to deal with people who are divorced and remarried and then become born again and come to the church is a difficult topic. Some notes with my thoughts on the topic are here: Marriage.htm

Internet and Sky Angel radio programs
(all times shown are for the Eastern time zone)

Rejoice Radio is my favorite Christian radio station:
I have been greatly encouraged by listening to the teaching ministry of the late Russell Kelfer on Rejoice Radio.
BBN International is also streaming their radio feed on the Internet:

Bluegrass Gospel:

I have moved the Bluegrass Gospel links to this page:

Ranger Bill (the favorite of my three sons) also from Moody and on many stations.
The Ranger Bill Fan Club (lists some additional radio stations that air the program)
You can listen to the weekly program at any time at the above page.
You can purchased MP3s from:
Sat 9 AM on WJLU at:
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Sat 11 AM and Sun 4:30 PM on
Sat 7 PM on (also on Sky Angel)

Some of my other web pages:
Christian Community
Behold The Lamb! (The Story of the Moravian Church)
Encouraging Bluegrass Gospel Jam Sessions
Business: TurboControl Systems

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