The Springs of the Sea

It is amazing (and brings glory to God) that since 1977 scientists have proven the scientific accuracy of the Bible where it speaks of "springs of the sea". Here are a few Internet links that a quick search on this topic turned up.

Interest and excitement peaked in 1977 with the discovery of the Galapagos deep sea hot springs and their associated chemosynthesis-based food web.

Cone, a science writer and the communications director of Oregon Sea Grant at OSU, is represented by an excerpt from his 1991 book about the discovery of seafloor hot springs, "Fire Under the Sea." The excerpt, "A Field of Worms," recounts the discovery of an exotic seafloor world off the Oregon coast in 1984.

Scientists from OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport dove in a submersible nearly two miles down on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. There they encountered a valley of geysers, which one scientist described as "like Yellowstone underwater." Some of the geysers were 40 feet tall and pumped out superheated water.

In this oasis of hot water amidst the normally cold ocean floor, the scientist-explorers saw five-foot-long worms living in a large group, "like a field of wheat." Meanwhile bacteria the size of snowflakes floated in clumps around the worms.

1977 - submersible Alvin with 3 geologists descended to the ocean ridge near the Galapagos Islands west of Peru
- discovered high temperature, deep sea springs with jets of
hot superheated fluid (T=350° C) continuously erupting from
mineralized chimneys billowing up to 13 m above the seafloor
- hot springs are rich in chlorine and metals

In 1977, scientists discovered hot springs at a depth of 2.5 km, on the Galapagos Rift (spreading ridge) off the coast of
Ecuador. This exciting discovery was not really a surprise. Since the early 1970s, scientists had predicted that hot springs
(geothermal vents) should be found at the active spreading centers along the mid-oceanic ridges, where magma, at
temperatures over 1,000 °C, presumably was being erupted to form new oceanic crust. More exciting, because it was totally unexpected, was the discovery of abundant and unusual sea life -- giant tube worms, huge clams, and mussels -- that thrived around the hot springs.

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